Sexual Problems

Sex is usually a private issue and it can be difficult to imagine talking to someone about sexual difficulties.

I have trained with The College of Sexual and Relationship Therapy (COSRT). This training means that I have talked a lot about sexual issues in great depth, and find it natural and not extraordinary or shaming to discuss. Here are some of the issues that I have worked with successfully with both men and women:

  • Losing sexual desire. (low libido)
  • Lack of sexual satisfaction and/or orgasm.
  • Not able to ejaculate. (retarded ejaculation)
  • Pain during sex (dyspareunia).
  • Unable to accept vaginal penetration (vaginismus)
  • Not having sex.
  • Fear of sex.
  • Rapid ejaculation – coming too quickly.
  • Not being able to become erect or maintain an erection.
  • Being 'addicted' to sex and/or internet porn.
  • Sex is 'wrong' or 'dirty'.
  • Sexual identity - straight or gay? Fears that your sexuality is 'wrong'.

When you come to therapy you are not asked to take your clothes off and there is no touching or physical exercises during sessions.